Political charter

The charter below defines the character, internal organisation and relationship with DiEM25 of MeRA25 – the electoral wing of DiEM25 in Greece. The proposed charter reflects faithfully the spirit and letter of DiEM25’s Manifesto, Organising Principles and recent ‘Not Just Another Political Party’ collective decision which spearheaded the establishment of electoral wings, like MeRA25. The charter acknowledges the importance of ensuring that DiEM25 remains a movement which owns its electoral wing, rather than degenerate into the tail-end of its electoral wing. It specifies, for instance, that all powers remain with DiEM25 – in that MeRA25’s central coordinating committee (Political Committee, as it is named), its secretariat (Political Secretariat) and Secretary (who represents the party and is its leading candidate in national elections) are all elected via all-member votes that include all DiEMers. Additionally, it makes it clear that, while all new members of MeRA25 become automatically DiEM25 members, the opposite is not so. The Coordinating Collective commends this draft charter to DiEM25 members as a good example of creating electoral wings across Europe while preserving the integrity and overarching predominance of DiEM25 – the movement.