New deal for greece and the european new deal




In the very short term DiEM25 is proposing policies that can be implemented tomorrow morning, by recalibrating existing institutions without the need for bilateral/multilateral agreements or EU Treaty changes. Examples include:

  • The new public digital payments platform that ends the monopoly of banks over Europe’s payments,
  • Green investment-led recovery: Linking central banking with public investment vehicles and the new public digital payments platforms,
  • The Anti-Poverty Program and the moratorium on evictions that is part of the Housing Program,
  • the four policies for dealing with the Eurozone crisis.


Short to long term

In the short to medium term DiEM25 is proposing policies that need bilateral/multilateral agreements between governments but do not require EU Treaty changes. Examples include:

  • The complete gamut of bank regulations,
  • A Jobs Guarantee Program,
  • Coordination between Eurozone and non-Eurozone monetary and fiscal policies to maximise Europe’s recovery.

DiEM25’s long term policy proposals are the ones that require deep institutional changes within nation-states and across Europe and the EU. Examples include the universal basic dividend and policies to democratise the economic and financial spheres.

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