Conduct Of Comradely Conduct

Democracy and political ethics start at home. We joined DiEM25 to partake of the good fight to democratise Europe, our countries and our communities. The prerequisite for this is that our own conduct is in harmony with our common values regarding democracy, isigoria (the right of every opinion to be judged on its merits, rather than on who voiced it), mutual respect, the rights and duties of all DiEMers as these obtain from our principles and our Manifesto. The Code of Comradely Conduct defines the types of behaviour consistent with our movement by:

  • Affirming the foundational principles of comradely behaviour
  • Pinpointing potentially problematic behaviour
  • Defining due process for dealing with problematic behaviour Respecting and enforcing the Conduct of Conradely Conduct remains the collective responsibility of all DiEM25 Greece–ΜέΡΑ25 members, especially the members of the National Collective.