About MeRA25

Why  a front?   

• Because  Greece is suffocating  and in a process of desertification  within a Europe that is rudderless and  in a process of deconstruction.

• Because,  as long as  countries like  Greece are suffocating,  Europe will remain rudderless  – thus reinforcing our country’s  suffocation. Only a broad, unifying,  paneuropean front against the dominant oligarchy-­‐without-­‐ borders,  which is responsible for our debt bondage, can allow Greece to breathe  and return hope to its citizens. This is precisely what MeRA25 represents:  the Greek patriotic front of responsibly disobedient Europeanists – an indivisible part  of DiEM25, the first in history transnational paneuropean movement to democratise Europe in  general and each of our countries in particular.

Why  European  disobedience?

• Because  the only way  one can be responsible  today is by disobeying the   irrational policies that are wrecking  our country and turning it into a desert.

• Because  respect for  our Parliament,  our Constitution,  logic itself, can only  be reinstated by ending  the blind obedience to the  directives of the troika and   our oligarchy. Today, authentically  Europeanist citizens refuse slavishly to obey  the incompetent pseudo-­‐technocrats who, on the  altar of the narrow oligarchic interests they serve,   are destroying Greece while de-­‐legitimising Europe.

Why  realistic  disobedience?

• Because  disobedience  is not enough! To  have a positive impact  disobedience must be accompanied  by a realistic, constructive, comprehensive,  responsible policy agenda.

Why  MeRA25?  

• Because  Greeks have  had enough of  the endless night  of our Great Depression.  ‘Mera’, after all, means ‘day’  or, in Latin, ‘diem’ and, thus,   MeRA25 symbolises the links with DiEM25  and our new party’s Europeanist Internationalism.